fading memories

A web project by Ruben Aubrecht

Fading Memories is a self-destructive image archive that’s content refers to historical incidents and social changes that have fallen into oblivion by the general public.

With every visit on the website exactly one pixel of the current image gets deleted. The image vanishes and dissolves through the collective consciousness of its observers. In times of the overwhelming production of images and the circumstances in which information becomes a permanently available resource which is shared, relinked and spread constantly over the network, this website creates void, white areas without content or information. Single moments of social achievements, political claims or forgotten memories are recollected for a short period of time before they dissolve into thin air and disperse again into oblivion.


President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev signing the INF Treaty in the East Room of the White House.
8th December 1987.

More infos about the INF treaty on www.brookings.edu/blog/order-from-chaos/2018/11/01/rip-inf-the-end-of-a-landmark-treaty/

The image was photographed by an unknown photographer and is published in the Public Domain.

Currently are 88.989 of 90.000 pixels deleted.
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